Shape your future

Welcome to the future of learning

New Nordic School is transforming current systems of education.

Our pre-K through 12 educational concept empowers all students to explore their natural creativity, discover their true passions, and shape their own future. We apply the renowned Finnish Curriculum integrated with best pedagogical practices from around the world to create a personalized, multi-age, and strength-based system, the Nordic Baccalaureate. We deliver our service concept worldwide to existing and starting schools.

Because kids are amazing

We believe in bringing out the potential in every child by empowering them to learn and develop in a way that is best for them.

Our philosophy

We live in a world where the future is unknown. We prepare young children for a world that requires them to be creative, innovative, adaptable, and collaborative problem solvers, with excellent communication skills.

We believe that no one should be judged in any given moment; every child has potential. We encourage and support them to share their learning not through standardized tests but through evidence of authentic, enduring understanding.

What we offer

New Nordic School offers a curriculum that challenges the traditional, industrialized model of education. We apply the renowned Finnish Curriculum integrated with best pedagogical practices from around the world to create the Nordic Baccalaureate.

We offer high-quality, English and bi-lingual education complemented by a supportive afternoon program that focuses on enhancing our core curriculum with languages, sports, arts, and sciences.


Member of Education Finland

New Nordic School is a proud member of Education Finland – a governmental program coordinated by the Finnish National Agency for Education. We collaborate with other diverse organizations in order to help each other grow in the international market.

Passion for Sustainability

The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address global social and economic development issues. New Nordic School is passionately working towards the development of Quality Education. In the Nordic Baccalaureate, we use the SDGs to transform education from isolated subject-specific setting to an integrated problem-based approach to learning.

Our Espoo School

Unfortunately we are unable to open our Espoo school for the school year 2019-2020. The handling of our school license application was completed by the officers at the Ministry for Culture and Education. However, the final decision needs to be approved by the government that happened to resign at the same time. The new government, when in place, will eventually handle our application, but it will be too late for the school to open in 2019.

We are disappointed with this decision and will continue to fight for our school opening for the following school year 2020-2021.

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