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Our Story

As passionate educators who are changing education as it stands today, we welcome students, educators, and families who want ‘something more’ from education. Our belief is that through empowerment we create an environment where not only learning of basic skills is valued, but also the skills of enhancing creativity, innovation, self-regulation, adaptability, collaboration, problem-solving, communication, and mindfulness. The key to achieving this is open communication, trust and a strong belief in what we do.

Since 2017, we have been working hard on developing a new educational concept, the Nordic Baccalaureate, that enhances creativity and innovative thinking, through a curriculum that is personalized, multi-age, skills and strength-driven, and supportively led by teachers as mentors. We do this without compromising basic educational skills and academic learning outcomes. This, we believe, will enable students to discover their true passions and shape their own future.

Everything we do is guided by our values

Be bold

We are not perfect. Take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them.


Creativity is at the core of everything we do. Challenge beliefs and employ creativity to forge original solutions.


We believe best results are reached by collaborating. Respect and trust yourself and others to achieve common goals.


When empowered, you make things happen. Generate confidence in everyone to shape their future.


In today’s digital age, everything moves faster and stress levels, especially in children, keep rising. Rather than fighting for children’s attention, mindfulness gives teachers the means to guide children to focus on being present in the moment. Our philosophy of mindfulness for our staff and students, empowers everyone to think for themselves, lead their own teaching and learning and shape their own future, based on their interests and desires and not on external factors.

In addition, mindfulness helps reduce stress levels, increase interest in learning and also increase learning potential. It guides in how to be in relationships with others, in ways that are socially and emotionally more intelligent. This, we believe, is the strongest asset against bullying

“Intelligence is the door to freedom and alert attention is the mother of intelligence.” ― Jon Kabat-Zinn


Our curriculum is based on the renowned Finnish educational system and is integrated with the best pedagogical practices from around the world. Students are empowered to learn at their own pace through personalized learning.

Educators as mentors

Educators, also referred to as mentors, are encouraged to think freely and are empowered to develop professionally.

Integrated subjects

No subject or project is unaffected by other factors, hence our curriculum, planning, teaching and learning focuses on integrating subjects to enhance each other and stress the relevance of interconnectedness.

Portfolio-based evidence of learning

Students learn in different ways. At New Nordic School, our students are encouraged and supported to learn and share their learning in various ways be it, technology, art, crafts, dance, writing, etc. Not only does this spike their interest, but it also offers other students an opportunity to learn from their peers.


In addition to students’ self-assessment, educators guide students through a continual process of feedback and evaluation based on their progress along our learning continuum. This allows students to shape their future through a deep awareness of their personal strengths, preferences, and interests.

Technology as a tool

Our smart technology platform facilitates authentic project-based learning by enhancing collaboration among all stakeholders in the teaching and learning process – students, educators, families, school leaders, and community partners.


At New Nordic School, teaching and learning is given the benefit of a fluid timetable. As per our philosophy, planning, teaching and learning enhance the integration of subjects, which removes the necessity of separate ‘lessons’ for separate subjects. In addition, students have the advantage of long recesses to get fresh air, play and socialise.

Professional development

New Nordic School provides continuous professional development opportunities in the form of teacher- and school leadership training. Motivated staff feel empowered and bring their best to teach, motivate and encourage our students.

Parent involvement

Belief is vital for children to succeed and develop all-round; belief in themselves and belief in them by their parents and teachers. To ensure our students know that their personal development is important to those around them, New Nordic School will host educational informational evenings and opportunities for students to share and present their learned knowledge and understanding.

Ready to shape your future?

Whether it’s our curriculum, professional development, quality assurance, education environment, or the whole package – we can help you! Through consultation and collaboration, we provide you with tailored and dynamic solutions. Contact info@newnordic.school for more information.