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What neuroscience means for personalized learning

During an educational course on curriculum leadership a few years ago, our teacher asked us students – all of whom were professional educators and school leaders – to define the term learning, since it is at the core of what we do every day.

Personalized Learning – New Nordic School taking education to new heights

Education is peppered with so many buzz words that it’s easy to get distracted and to keep changing direction. All the buzz can impede one’s teaching practice.

School Culture - its importance and how to strengthen it

Culture eats strategy for breakfast’, a mantra often used in the business world, is equally applicable to leadership and change management in schools.

Learning 21st-century competencies to build a sustainable future

If you spend any time surfing the online educational world or attending teacher workshops, you’re already familiar with the phrase ‘21st-century learning.’ But what exactly does it mean?

Integrated Implementation in Education

The world of education is currently awash with well-intentioned solutions to transform education: technology is being thrown at every problem, and a wide range of experimental models have been implemented without sufficient supporting research.