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Education Consultant

New Nordic School is transforming current systems of education. Our pre-K through grade 12 educational system empowers all students to explore their natural creativity, discover their true passions, and shape their own future. We apply the renowned Finnish curriculum integrated with best pedagogical practices from around the world to create a personalized, multi-age, and purpose-based system. We deliver our service concept worldwide to existing and starting schools. Our current focus markets are India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

We are looking for consultants who believe current educational systems are outdated and want to be part of a team to transform education. We want people who are bold, take risks, collaborate and can lead. Consultants can be based internationally but preferred locations are our focus markets India, South East Asia, and Gulf Cooperation Council countries. We are looking for full and part-time consultants for the following fields:

  • CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT to review and update New Nordic School’s interdisciplinary curriculum and research and evaluate content resources in line with our curriculum
  • IMPLEMENTATION to ensure design and delivery of our transformational education system both pedagogically and operationally
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT to design, develop and deliver high quality face-to-face professional development, blended learning facilitation programs, train-the-trainer programs, and leadership and coaching programs and workshops to senior leaders of schools


General expectations for all positions


  • Strong belief in our mission, vision, values, and goals
  • Experience in education (K-12) within the specialist field of the position applied
  • Ready to innovate the future of learning in the field of the position and have an out-of-box-thinking mindset
  • Ability to plan, manage and deliver one’s own work independently according to the guidelines provided and agreed upon, with exceptional quality
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English (as our company language), including the ability to craft messages for a variety of audiences, synthesize information and present in front of a professional audience
  • Comfortable with a start-up mentality

Good to haves

  • Masters or equivalent advanced degree
  • Strong knowledge of Finnish education and research-supported pedagogy
  • Demonstrable cultural awareness and respect for diversity
  • Ability to travel (for implementation and professional development)
  • Experience with mindfulness

Personal characteristics

  • Result/outcome-driven, relentless and determined to deliver, structured but flexible approach to working
  • Fluency in interacting and negotiating with others and able to guide and inspire others towards results
  • Creative and resourceful, ability to solve problems


Role-specific expectations


New Nordic School has developed an interdisciplinary curriculum for pre-Kindergarten through grade nine called the Nordic Baccalaureate, which will be implemented in Finland and other countries. We are seeking individuals with strong knowledge of Finnish education and research-supported pedagogy for the following strategic projects:

A. Research, evaluation, and curation of open education resources (OER) aligned with our subject standards.

B. Research, evaluation, and recommendations of paid content resources.

C. Revision and updating of the learning continuum, including devising exemplar questions, prompts, responses, and behaviors for each command term. Development of sequenced steps showing progression in the following disciplines from approximately grade 1 to grade 9:

  • Languages: Mother Tongue Language and Literature, Second Language and Literature, and Additional Languages
  • Arts: STEM/STEAM, Music, Visual Arts, Crafts, Drama, and Dance
  • People: Social Studies, History, Ethics, Health, Geography, Home Economics, and Physical Education
  • Mathematics
  • SciencesEnvironmental Studies, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Qualifications specific to the curriculum development role

  • Curriculum Consultants are expected to have deep subject knowledge (working or through advanced studies) in the specialist field of consultation.
  • Work may be done e.g. alongside studies, and the assigned tasks and weekly working hours can be agreed individually.



To support the implementation of our educational system and consultation services, we seek consultants for the following development and delivery projects:

A. Implementation process design and development for all services (licensed and managed schools, pilot projects, consultation services), and development of supporting tools, templates and materials, progress monitoring and evaluation of indicators of success (behaviors and deliverables)

B. Implementation coaches to licensed and managed schools to

  • work alongside school leader/principal to familiarize and localize the New Nordic School curriculum, Academic and Operations Plan and induction training to fit local market and New Nordic School quality standards
  • advise on the recruitment of local staff to ensure sufficient qualifications and appropriate growth mindsets required to deliver New Nordic School educational system
  • onsite coaching of teachers after induction training to ensure practical implementation of curriculum and pedagogy (pre and post opening)
  • onsite coaching of school leaders to ensure operational implementation of Academic and Operations Plan (pre and post opening)

C. Subject matter experts to design and deliver consultation services on e.g. curriculum design and development, pedagogy and learning philosophies, academic plan and policies, etc.

Qualifications specific to the implementation roles

  • For process design and development, practical working experience in school implementation (preferably international), experience in complex project management and/or process design
  • For implementation coaches, extensive practical experience in coaching and mentoring, preferably in a school environment, and in HR development
  • For subject matter experts, deep practical working experience in various fields of education, deep industry knowledge and understanding of latest developments and inspiration for future trends and transformation of education



The transformation of education requires transformative professional development. We seek consultants to

  1. design, develop and deliver high quality face-to-face professional development and blended learning facilitation programs
  2. develop and deliver leadership and coaching programs and workshops to senior leaders of schools so that they can cultivate an innovative and inspirational culture in their schools and empower their staff to transform education
  3. design and implement train-the-trainer programs in different markets

Qualifications specific to the professional development role

  • prior teaching experience and personal successes in introducing and implementing new pedagogical practices in the classroom
  • prior practical teacher training, professional development, facilitation and/or coaching experience to develop the teaching and leadership skills of staff, understanding of the framework for mentoring and coaching, the principles, skills, and concepts involved to promote them within schools
  • For train-the-trainer development, prior successes in designing and delivering train-the-trainer programs (preferably within schools)



These consulting positions are full or part-time depending on availability and need, and it will be agreed with the person. Please indicate your availability and the position(s) of interest in your application. All consultants will receive an induction, training to the job and ongoing support and guidance from their line manager.

For further information please contact our Chief Operations Officer, Kirsi Rantalainen, at kirsi.rantalainen(at)


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