Nordic Baccalaureate

The world’s first fully integrated interdisciplinary K-12 system

New Nordic School is developing a new educational concept, the Nordic Baccalaureate, which is the world’s first fully integrated interdisciplinary system.

The Nordic Baccalaureate links subjects, skills, and disciplines in a seamless educational journey from pre-K through grade 12. The Nordic Baccalaureate is built upon the new Finnish national core curriculum and is enhanced by drawing on the best pedagogical practices from respected educational systems around the world. The curriculum is provided through four different stages that transcend and link all areas of learning:

Exploration stage –  Early years
Develops independent learners with the confidence to explore the world around them through 3 transdisciplinary learning tools: Thinking and learning to learn, Multiliteracy, and Communication.

Foundation stage – Elementary school
Builds the key competencies required for lifelong learning by framing subject disciplines through 4 contextual lenses: Cultural competence and self-expression, Managing daily life, Work and entrepreneurship, and Building a sustainable future

Formation stage – Middle school
Orients students to future options and career choices by providing the in-depth knowledge and skills required for proficiency in 5 major subject disciplines: Languages, Arts, Mathematics, People, and Sciences.

Direction stage – High school
Engages students with school subjects in a detailed manner that helps define the paths they will take in post-secondary studies and shape career choices.

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