Blog – 17/12/2019

India Education Diary: Standing out when so many people test well: How exam-based education fails to prepare students for the realities of work

Living in a country with 1.3 billion people can make it hard to stand out. For students in India, the pressure to excel in such a vast population is immense. Test scores have transcended the education system to become a status symbol for children and their families in society.

India’s education system sees pupils undertake dozens of tests before they reach college. All of these tests are standardized across the country to create a framework for colleges, universities, and workplaces to benchmark the skills of students and job seekers.

For many, standardized tests are merely hurdles to overcome in order to get into universities and earn a degree. They test memorization and regurgitation skills, and it may be argued that these tests don’t translate into real workplace skills – an increasing number of employers reject young graduates and job seekers because they lack the communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking required of modern workers.

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Written by New Nordic School’s Director of Education, Bradley M Kremer.

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