New Nordic School is a growing group of educators, marketers, and developers that share a passion for transforming the current systems of education.

Pia Jormalainen

Founder & CEO
An internationally experienced marketeer and business manager with broad experience from corporations, start-ups and agencies. Pia has lived and worked in Germany and Finland.

Suzanne Perkowsky

Founder & Chief Education Officer
A passionate educator with broad global experience in education and education leadership in Finland, India, Singapore, China, US, Saudi Arabia and the UK.

Janne Jormalainen

Founder & Chairman of the Board
A true serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Chairman of the Finnish business angel network, Fiban. Janne has lived and worked in the USA, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Kirsi Rantalainen

Chief Operations Officer
A versatile business developer with 15 years of experience in process and operations development, marketing, account and project management in professional services and consulting industry. Kirsi has worked for several years in global and EMEIA teams.

Bradley M Kremer

Director of Education for Curriculum
Curriculum developer with educational experience across 3 continents, including over 15 years in Sub-Saharan Africa. Passionate about applying innovative pedagogical approaches to interdisciplinary learning.

Emilia Oksanen

Marketing Manager
A third culture kid and Marketing Master's graduate with a passion for branding & digital marketing. Emilia has lived in 8 countries and studied in 9 different schools that have exposed her to a variety of cultures and educational systems.

Ashish Srivastava

Director of Sales and Business Development
Seasoned strategist and business development executive with over 9 years of experience in initiating new business, setting up complete operations for regions, hiring and handling larger teams while working across different industries.

Robert Ingman

Director of Global Sales & Project Management
Robert's career extends to international markets, such as Belgium, Austria, and Sweden. In addition to being the Country Manager to the world's largest private school, Robert has co-founded and worked for two start-ups.

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